Underground Utility & Infrastructure Mapping

GBGMAPS offer a suite of investigative techniques to locate underground utilities. We correlate our non-invasive test results including ground penetrating radar and electro-magnetic with known information and accessible service pits, as well as physical confirmation using vacuum potholing, enabling detection of all service types.

Together with our parent company MNG, we can carry out a high level feature surveys integrating above ground and below ground assets into one 3D survey package.

The knowledge of the location of utilities can avoid unnecessary, costly and dangerous disruptions to planned works. Utility provided information such as (Dial before you dig) is used but can be erroneous, geophysical techniques can quickly and easily identify the precise location of buried services.

Areas previously occupied by facilities such as petrol stations often feature abandoned buried infrastructure, most notably underground storage tanks. GBGMAPS can use a combination of methods to identify and delineate underground storage tanks associated with existing or removed infrastructure.


3D feature survey of above and underground water infrastructure at a mine site
Survey drawing of below ground utilities at a port site
2D ground penetrating radar for underground utilities
Electro-magnetic survey for subsurface infrastructure
3D ground penetrating radar for underground utilities