Structural & Non-Destructive Testing

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) utilises a number of methods designed to non-invasively measure the internal properties and condition of engineered structures. NDT methods can be carried out on a wide range of building materials including concrete, masonry, timber and asphalt.

Using NDT methods GBGMAPS can obtain detailed internal condition assessments of a variety of engineered structures. Together with targeted invasive testing, laboratory testing and visual inspection a complete assessment can be made.

Typical applications for NDT carried out by GBGMAPS include:


Depth of cover to reinforcement of a bridge deck
Overview results for a condition assessment of a timber bridge
Defect map of wind turbine footings from ultrasonic tomography
Condition assessment of a water syphon structure
Ultrasonic tomography to map defects within wind turbine footings
Non-destructive testing for tunnel lining condition
Non-destructive testing for timber condition
NDT for concrete defects and reinforcement mapping