Marine, River & Transition Zone

GBGMAPS offer a full range of marine geophysical services to the geotechnical and engineering sector. Our tailored investigations can assist in the definition and solution of geotechnical problems in port and harbour, transition zone, and in river and lake environments. Such investigations have been shown to reduce site uncertainty by enhancing seafloor and sub-bottom data while also reducing expenditure associated with costly jack-up barges.

Developed to improve upon traditional geotechnical site assessment, GBGMAPS provides the following geophysical and marine surveying services;

Sub-Bottom Profiling

Seafloor Survey

Magnetic Survey


Seismic P-wave velocity (rock hardness) section generated from a marine seismic refraction survey
Top of bedrock generated from a marine seismic reflection survey
Sediment thickness generated from a marine seismic reflection survey
Multi-beam bathymetry survey showing the HMAS Swan
Sea floor imagery from a side scan sonar survey showing a wreck and debris
Marine magnetometer survey showing a buried anchor and chain
Magnetic Survey in Oman