Land Development

GBGMAPS offers a full range of geophysical services tailored to Greenfield and Brownfield land development sites. The acquisition of geophysical data has been shown to reduce site uncertainty thereby reducing risk and costs associated with unplanned remediation works and variations in earthworks.

Developed to improve upon traditional geotechnical site assessment, GBGMAPS can provide subsurface information at land development sites using a range of geophysical methods as well as standard geotechnical test methods. Subsurface information provided includes:


Radar reflection imagery from a survey to locate karst formations
Level to top of bedrock generated from a ground penetrating radar
Thickness of sand cover generated from a ground penetrating radar
Seismic velocity and geological section from a coastal erosional study
Karst map generated from a ground penetrating radar
Ground penetrating radar survey for karst formations
Investigation to model coastal sand dune formations at a development site