Geophysical methods have been proven to aid in archaeological investigations. Through ongoing consultation with our clients, GBGMAPS can provide tailored geophysical solutions to many archaeological investigations throughout Australia and abroad.

GBGMAPS have the experience, personnel and specialised equipment necessary to provide enhanced subsurface information which when combined with traditional archaeological methods can greatly improve coverage and data confidence while minimising ground disturbance. GBGMAPS can provide both marine and land geophysical solutions to aid in a range of archaeological investigations including;


3D radar imagery for a subsurface assessment of a historic burial site
3D radar imagery for unmarked graves
Archaeological assessment of the Elizabeth Quay site
3D radar imagery of a historic first settlement site
Geophysical investigation at a historic site
Geophysical investigation at a historic site
Shallow stratigraphy mapping at an Aboriginal Heritage site
Geophysical investigation for unmarked graves