About Us

GBGMAPS, formed in 2008, is a joint venture between GBG Australia and MNG. The partnership brings GBG's advanced sub-surface investigation techniques together with McMullen Nolan Group's industry leading survey and spatial information services.

Our People

GBGMAPS employs tertiary qualified geophysicists, geologists and engineers with many years of experience in subsurface investigations as applied to environmental and geotechnical investigations.

GBGMAPS thrives on the exceptional delivery of near surface geophysical investigations. Our Perth based team of geophysicists collectively have over 50 years of relevant industry experience, making the people of GBGMAPS its most valuable asset.

Scott Anderson, Director

Joining McMullen Nolan Group in 1990 as a graduate surveyor before rising to leadership roles within the company's Surveying Operations and Land Development divisions, Scott was appointed to the Board of McMullen Nolan Group in 2002. Since then, Scott has acted as one of MNG's leading administrators, focusing on office based management roles concerning staff and high-end project management.
Scott is currently Chief Executive Officer / Managing Director of McMullen Nolan Group.

Simon Williams, Director

BSc. Geology / Geophysics, with over twenty years professional experience in geophysical consultancy. Simon is responsible for the management of Australian based operations of GB Geotechnics Group of companies including GBGMAPS. His role with GBGMAPS includes providing expert advice and quality assurance, as well as assisting with tender writing and projects when required.

Andrew Spyrou, Senior Geophysicist / Business Unit Manager

BSc. (Hons) Geophysics, with 16 years professional experience in geophysical consultancy. As the lead senior geophysicist for GBGMAPS, Andrew is responsible for overseeing all projects carried out by the company to ensure technical validity and quality assurance. For major projects, he is typically involved with all stages of the project including on-site data collection, data analysis and reporting.

Peter Eccleston, Senior Geophysicist / Business Development Manager

BSc. Geology / Geophysics, with over 18 years professional experience as a geophysical consultant. Peter has extensive experience in the engineering and environmental sectors specializing in seismic methods for shallow marine and onshore projects. He has managed all phases of geophysical investigations across Australia as well as abroad.

As business development manager, Peter draws on his broad knowledge of engineering and environmental geophysics to assist clients find the most appropriate methods for their individual projects.

Tavis Lavell, Geophysicist

BSc. Geophysics. Tavis has been with GBGMAPS for 8 years after graduating from Curtin University. During this time he has been involved in all aspects of a variety of projects and is gaining valuable experience in engineering and environmental geophysics.